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Major Display Industry Trends Post COVID-19

COVID 19 has changed the future projections a lot. The rest of 2020 will not be the same because the national as well as global economy has taken the biggest hit this world has seen in decades. Trends and projections in any industry, product or service will now totally depend on the fact that whether they will be able to survive the aftershock of this pandemic. Nevertheless, we are hopeful & believe that we can glide through this if we stick together like we did so far.

Let’s take a peek into what display industry trends, post pandemic, are going to bring for us and whether they will withstand the requirements of the post-pandemic era..

  • Video -Conferencing :

    With less business travelling and less human contact, video conferencing trend will be on the rise. People from around the world will be embracing the possibility of finishing the job online, rather than travelling across and being in the same room with some unknowns with no guarantee of safety.Here, digital display solutions will provide video conferencing with two way multi-screen interactive engagement which will smoothen the whole process & will make it more productive.

  • Distance learning Education :

    Distance Learning for the Schools, Colleges & Universities will gain more popularity as the social distancing will be followed for a longer period of time. For students moving abroad for studies & even in domestic students moving within the country will second-guess their decisions and eventually end up tilting in the favour of Distance Learning. As smart classroom solution are already in; the interactive boards will also make their way to the traditional teaching as the upgrade that’s been due for long in the education scene

  • Restaurants :

    Restaurants can revise their game by totally eliminating the queue & make the menu cards digital. Visitors can directly order and can collect the order when it’s ready. No role of menu card will be there to avoid multiple human touch. Same way the drive through orders can also be managed by putting up the screen which shows the catalogue & thereby it will be easy for the customer to order.

  • Instruction and Information :

    As the lockdown comes to an end we will see that, most of the common place like street food market, footpaths, parks etc where usually people gather and spend time doing various kinds of activities will have these audio visual instructional displays that will talk about the dos and don’ts of the post pandemic era. This is also going to open up another kind of application for the public digital displays among many other.

  • Shopping Malls :

    While shopping queue will stay as it was, but the way to engage people when they are standing idle in a queue will be the game changer. Window shopping facing outwards will display more products, ads, announcement etc and influence their decision of buying.

  • Thermal Sensing Kiosks :

    Advertising kiosks, rather than being normal and working on a constant output as before will come with thermal sensing which will help in tracking the heat sensations in the room. Tracking the heat in the room/ hall/ floor will deduce the strength of traffic walked in today. With software upgrading the technology, a combination of thermal cameras & dedicated softwares will come into picture that can sense the traffic, generate an alert via for the authorities to trigger feasible actions.

  • Traffic Monitoring :

    With heat sensing in picture, the public places can employ the Large Format Displays that track & change the content on the basis of data collected about the traffic in the private campus places like malls, hospital, Schools Colleges, Office buildings & places like these. With multiple data points like walk-ins walk-out, Traffic at a time & many others; all data can get monitored at one place for better convenience.

    There could be other trends that can come in display industry which are unforeseen as of now. But these are most likely to enter the market soon. These can really help take your business leaps and bounds ahead of your competitors if it appeals to your operations. Be updated the trends have kicked in or not and make use of them before your competitors do. All the best!

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