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Things to consider before buying Digital Signage

As a business owner, you must be looking to increase your sales with existing clients/customers while also focusing on attracting new ones. Another major application to it is just putting information out there for the world to see through the screens which could helpful for or serving any purpose. That’s where, in today’s era, opting for the digital signage solutions makes perfect sense.

Digital signage is growing at a rapid pace, creating buzz but also dilemma among the buyers. There are several vendors on the internet selling products and services who are not sure whether to go for a particular solution or not. Potential users have to go through a detailed research to learn what will work for them & whether it is affordable for them or not. After helping hundreds of customers, here are five subjects you need to understand before you can consider digital signage.

  • Display Specification :

    As and when we decide to go for the digital signage solution, we have to consider some of the key aspects of its technology to which we are going to get acquainted with. First we should start with finalising the display size by anticipated viewing distance where high definition content is viewed at 1.5 to 2.5 times the diagonal screen measurement. Secondly, Talking about the operation time, we are looking forward to a reception/waiting area that stays intact for 16-24hrs a day, for 3 years straight, so, we have to know that simple televisions won’t do the trick here. They are best for domestic usage & absolutely useless in commercial applications. Thirdly, we might need countless kinds of ads portrayal, where screen orientation comes into the play. Commercials display screens are designed to serve all kinds of orientations I.e short, long, wide, landscape portrait etc as they have narrow bezels that are the same width all the way around.

  • Content Management Software / Digital Signage Software :

    With one point content management software we can push & schedule the content and control the display, centrally. We can also save up on the time we would have wasted with televisions, in manually uploading content through USB and turn displays ON & OFF manually. Since, you would probably prefer to stay focused on business activities, common television would be unsavoury solution. Also, with multiple screen running with multiple schedules is just another level of headache, it is not going to make sense to get around that kind of work. It’s just going to ask more of you rather serving you.

  • Digital Signage Software should be Advance and Easy to use :

    Digital signage should make things easier for you & not complicated in its entirety. Here, we are talking about user friendly templates for better & easy selection process; time-effective content scheduling to save time, money & energy; easy realtime feedbacks, reporting & monitoring for stronger control & awareness; quick failure alerts for turnaround treatment time, offline operations to ensure smooth flow of operations no matter what. Minimal assistance & supervision through a resource be it a person having the authority to alter the display or a body that manages the content and the vitalities about it.

  • Location of Display :

    Employing location specific display is imperative as it affects the ultimate chunk of the output you are going to receive. For an instance, if the advertisement is to be done outdoors, the setup has to be weather proof which in most cases it already is. But, apparently, the output is also affected by dusty & moist weather conditions which just calls for a deeper research while selection as there are customisations available. Atmosphere specific brightness offers a range is an options which makes perfect sense for outdoor, semi outdoor & indoor applications. Research & choose wisely, beforehand.

  • Hardware – Software Compatibility :

    The compatibility between hardware & software is one of the key concerns here. If so far your have made the correct decision about which kind of Digital Signage to go with; then its going to be a little easier for you from here on. Hardware-Software compatibility should turn out to be a unique selection for each other & it can be achieved only by knowing exactly a customer wants from this digital signage setup which he wishes to assemble. Getting confused between number of softwares & hardwares along with losing the track and budget can put you in jeopardy. Make right choices so that you will get maximum number of features in a particular budget and right amount of operational features so that it should not slow down & ultimately result in a poor mix.

    Take a curious look at things before employing this tech into your organisation, due to its dynamic and easy control system, you can always make changes right away. Explore all the possibilities of what all can be done with the systems that you are purchasing & make sure to use all of it from time to time. All the Best!

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