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What all you should know about Mounting!

Mounting can be done in different ways. It is a prime concern for any display buyer & for any vendor too. Go through the below article & know what all is necessary for any display buyer & vendor to come to terms with on.

  • Load Capacity

    One of the major concerns while mounting is considering the mount strength. Different models have different weight which makes it necessary to take advice from your vendor. Load capacity is a major concern and not taking the display’s weight into account can result to falling and breakage of the display. Load capacity decides whether it will stay where it is meant to stay or not. First Concern for buyer & vendor will be the load capacity, to check whether the mount can hold the weight of the display.

  • Vesa Distancing

    Vesa is a standard measurement of the distance between the mounting holes. It varies from brand to brand depending upon the size and design. The holes in which the TV settles & hangs are Vesa Holes and the measurement of the distance between these Vesa Holes is a deciding factor of what kind of a mount will fit your need.

  • Usability

    Usability will account for all the things that will make the whole setup easy to navigate through. Under that, we have many touch points that need personal attention.

    Back Accessibility
    Back accessibility is a must to access the pen drive and cable connections. Without the back accessibility it becomes difficult to unmount and mount the display every time you require to plug in the above mentioned things.

    Indoor / Outdoor
    Whether the Customer needs it outside or inside. Before mounting, it is utterly necessary to know. All kinds of displays have their own particular types of mounts. We cannot switch our choice midway & use the mount outdoor when it’s meant for outdoors. Outdoor – rust, water.

    Whether the display is going to be movable in nature or not. If it is required to be moved around in different rooms they’ll need a TV cart which has customizable options too according to your need.

    You have to decide on a mount that is recommended for the orientation of the display that you are planning for. The orientation can be portrait or landscape which matters a lot. These factors make a lot of impact on the resultant outcome.

  • Wall, Ceiling or Floor

    The mounts will get divided into three major subdivisions: Wall mount, Floor mount & Ceiling mount. Your space is going to be a deciding factor depending upon the requirement. Wrong mounting decision can cause hindrance and that is why it is necessary to make sure to choose the right mount.

  • Video Wall Mount

    A video wall is a multi-display wall that is created by joining multiple screens together. The objective of a video wall is to display a much larger image or multiple images as one. For a video wall you need to consider the usage whether you need it for retail, education, conference rooms etc. The purpose will drive what type of video wall you should choose. Wrong mounting decision can cause hindrance and that is why it is necessary to make sure to choose the right mount.

  • Security

    You cannot guard your display each and every moment and hence it becomes necessary to make sure whether your display can be left safely. You can have the mounts fixed or locked and install anti-theft devices to make sure your display remain safe and secure.

  • Take into account all the points written above and go with all of them prepared beforehand to save your time & your vendor’s too. This will also leave an impression on your vendor that you are informed as a buyer and they cannot take advantage of you. Cover all the points & that will do just enough. All the Best!

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